Hunter's Birthday Brawl - Bakugan

This was my second time using the Frozen Buttercream Frosting Transfer (FBCT) method. Each cake is a learning adventure for me. I now know to freeze the FBCT after piping each individual color and most importantly DO NOT let the transfer sit and thaw -- you must immediately place it on the cake and peel it off. In addition, since I was not familiar with Bakugan, this one took some research; THANKS to my neighbors and their collection of Bakugans, I was able to come up with something unique for Hunter's 8th Birthday.

The base cake was a 12" x 12" square frosted in buttercream. I applied the FBCT, border, and corner stars to tie in all of the colors. The Bakugan was made using the Wilton Sports Ball pan set. I star tipped the sphere and secured it to the cake using a bamboo skewer that I was able to drive through the cake board.

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