There is always a reason to eat dessert!

I am such a foodie and dessert tops my list of favorites. It's my all-time favorite comfort food and when my sister-in-law comes to town, you can be sure there will be some baking going on.  Her most recent visit was for my husbands 40th birthday and we celebrated by having the Grilled Pound-cake from Caper's Restaraunt in Kennesaw, GA.

The few nights that we were at the house, we decided to whip out a few new pans.  Her special request for for red velvet cake so I decided to use the mini-bundt pans for baking and topped each cake with my awesome cream cheese frosting.

For movie night, we fell back on an old favorite, hot fudge brownie sundaes.  I used the Wilton square cavity pan for these and they allowed everyone to have a piece with crust.  Yummy!

Thanks for looking!